Breathalyzer Services for Public Events

Make your community safer

It is a challenge to engage a large group of people who are drinking alcohol at an event. Our approach is to offer on-premise alcohol education to attendees with a tent or booth presence. We make it fun for people to test their breath-alcohol level with emphasis that individuals can be at risk of a DUI arrest without showing visible signs of impairment.

Our certified volunteers operate breathalyzer machines designed for high volume usage to ensure accurate test results, while at the same time educating attendees about the common misconceptions associated with impaired driving laws. We remove the guesswork and give everyone a chance to think twice about driving later. 

Please call (866) 657-5658 or email to learn how we can support your next event.

Brewallup Beer Festival

Ilani Casino Brewfest – 2020

Ilani Casino Brewfest – 2020 – Breathalyzer Service

Kirkland Summer Fest 2019 – BAC Testing

Moxee Hop Brew Fest – Education

Resolution Seattle – Think Twice Tent

Think Twice Portable Breathalyzer

Think Twice Tent

Taste Edmonds – Think Twice

The overwhelmingly positive response from the public can be seen on our Facebook page and we encourage you to learn more by viewing hundreds of testimonials from those we have worked with already.

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  • Bacon & Beer Classic
  • Bothell Underground Beer Festival
  • Brewallup Beer Festival
  • Decant Edmonds
  • Ellensburg Winter Hop Brewfest
  • Freaknight Seattle
  • Resolution Seattle
  • Ilani Brew Fest
  • Kirkland Summer Fest
  • Kirkland Wine Walk
  • Mill Creek Festival
  • Moxee Hop Brew Fest
  • Oktoberfest NW
  • Snohomish Beerfest
  • Spokane Brewers Festival
  • Spokane Oktoberfest
  • Taste Edmonds
  • Triplehorn Hordefest
  • Upper Left Beerfest
  • Vintage Spokane
  • Missoula Winter Hop Brew Fest
Think Twice is a standard for responsible alcohol service
People who drink and drive often do not understand the key factors involved with a DUI arrest.
It’s important to develop a DUI prevention plan for all public events.