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saving lives

By Working Together to Prevent Impaired Driving



Together we can…

Save lives with innovative prevention solutions.

The Think Twice Foundation wants to make communities safer with alcohol education programs designed to reach those who drink and drive.

We strive to be the bridge between public safety organizations and the alcohol industry. 


We Believe

In the value of preventing harm towards innocent human beings.

We Believe

Impaired driving is a preventable problem.

We Believe

Success is measured by the degree our cultural will shift away from impaired driving.


Driving Social Change

The Think Twice Foundation serves to be an agent for social change to stop the unnecessary loss of life associated with impaired driving.

The Foundation aims to spur a social movement by reaching local communities to elevate expectations for responsible alcohol consumption and service.


Our programs fall under the following three categories:


Raising awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence, generating dialog around the subject of DUI, and promoting personal responsibility.

dui prevention

Preventing DUIs through the broad distribution of breathalyzer devices while simultaneously supporting safe ride transportation services in order get home safely.


Partnering with local groups, non-profits and socially-conscious organizations in order to amplify our impact on impaired driving.

Help Prevent Impaired Driving

Get Involved

Join the social movement and help us put an end to Impaired Driving.


Your generous donation helps to support our programs and activities.


Amplify your impact. We welcome partnerships with other non-profits, conscientious organizations, and student or community groups.


Be a part of the movement and join our team of volunteers.


Drive impact in your community or university by creating an awareness and prevention campaign.

Take the Pledge

I pledge to Think Twice before driving impaired…

Be aware of my consumption of alcohol before driving

Encourage friends to not drive impaired

Be an advocate to keep my community and neighborhoods safe from drunk drivers

Give my family, friends and loved ones peace of mind for my safety

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